Summer Funny Jokes

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Summer Funny Jokes

Brendan: Where do sharks go on summer vacation?
Jordan: Where?
Brendan: Finland!

Erik: Why did the robot go on summer vacation?
Sarah: I haven’t a clue.
Erik: He needed to recharge his batteries.

Mike: Why don’t mummies go on summer vacation?
Hank: I don’t know.
Mike: They’re afraid to relax and unwind!

Elaine: Where do eggs go on summer vacation?
Peter: I don’t know.
Elaine: New Yolk City!

First woman: My son came to visit for summer vacation.
Second woman: How nice! Did you meet him at the airport?
First woman: Oh, no. I’ve known him for years!

Ben: Where do goldfish go on vacation?
Bob: Where?
Ben: Around the globe!

Jacob: Why can’t basketball players go on summer vacation?
Riley: Why not?
Jacob: They’d get called for traveling!

Jake: What did the bread do on vacation?
Drake: What?
Jake: It loafed around.

Billy: Where did Tarzan go on summer vacation?
Ian: Where?
Billy: Hollywood and Vine.

Spencer: What summer vacation destination makes your pet bird sing for joy?
Brian: I haven’t a clue.
Spencer: The Canary Islands!

Monica: Where did your mom go for her summer vacation?
Josh: Alaska.
Monica: Never mind, I’ll ask her myself.

Charles: Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?
Ray: Why?
Charles: To make up for his miserable summer.

Q: Which season do math teacher’s like the most?
A: Summer

Q: What game do anglers like to play during the summer?
A: Go fish.

Q: What did the boy say after a long day at the beach?
A: Mommy, I’m surf bored.

Q: What do trains do during the summer?
A: Play beach trolleyball

Q: What do toads drink on a hot summer days?
A: Ice cold Croak-o-cola.

Q: Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to school?
A: Because her students were so bright

Q: What do fans do at the Summer olympic games?
A: Heat waves.

Q: How do yellow jackets get to school in the morning?
A: By school buzz

Q: Why did they call the police during the summer beach concert?
A: Something fishy was going on.

Q: What do sheep do on nice summer days?
A: Go to a baa-baa-cue.

Q: What did the family do when they arrived at the summer breach resort?
A: They shellabrated.

Q: Where do sheep go for summer vacation?
A: The Baa-hamas

Q: What summer vacation spot allows you to bring pet birds?
A: The Canary Islands

Q: During the summer, when do you go at red and stop at green?
A: When you’re eating a slice of watermelon.

Q: What kind of fruit grows at the beach?
A: Crab apple trees.

Q: What treat do dads like on hot summer days?
A: POPsicles.

Q: What do you call a labrador at the beach in August?
A: A hot dog

Q: Why couldn’t kids go to the new summer pirate movie?
A: Because it was rated ARRRRRRR.

Q: What do you call a Hogwarts professor who goes to the beach?
A: A sandwitch

Q: What kind of dessert do you serve at a summer beach party?
A: Beach pie.

Q: What kind of sandwiches can you make at the beach?
A: Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches.

Q: Why was the family so tired after returning from summer vacation?
A: They flew all the way home.

Q: What do you call a cat who lives at the beach?
A: Sandy claws.

Q: Why did the gymnast put extra salt on her food?
A: So she could do summer salts.

Q: Why didn’t the elephant pack a suitcase for summer vacation?
A: Because he uses a trunk.

Q: What did the pig say while laying out at the beach?
A: I’m bacon

Q: Which letter is the coolest during the summer?
A: Iced T.

Q: Which French artist only painted during the summer?
A: Pierre August Renoir.

Q: Why do bananas use sunscreen?
A: They peel when they get a sunburn.

Q: What did the beach say to the people who came back for the summer?
A: Long time no sea.

Q: Why don’t basketball players go away for summer vacation?
A: They’re afraid they might get called for traveling

Q: What’s the best day of the week to go to the beach?
A: SUNday

Q: Where do ants travel to for summer vacation?
A: Frants

Q: What do you call a French man who wears beach sandals?
A: Phillipe Phloppe.

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