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Story in Hindi – How was the first day of your marriage?

I know we are Indian, We love to read everything in Hindi, because easy to understand so here is this story in Hindi.

This is love story of new couple who newly married. Their life is strange, but try to understand each other.

both husband and wife start new life. This is first day. Couple try to adjust each other, but some surprising moment creates amazing feelings on second day morning.

Read this story in Hindi here.

Story Love Questions and Answers in Hindi, bibi tirchhi najar se boli, pyar karo, tirchhi najar se dekhte hue,

I am living single life and jobless. One day, suddenly marry with a girl who doing job. The next morning at 7 o’clock in the morning, the new Bibi wakes up with great love that it is up to the morning to wake up.
See, tea, bread slices, my BB stood for water tray. After the bed tea, the bathroom was ready, the bucket full of towels, trunks, vapor, hot water was ready. After breakfast, prepare breakfast, dress up the office, prepare on the Tiffin table, when the house comes back at 9 o’clock, the food is ready,
I became “mad” Becoming emotionally attached to the wife said that – Your life has been successful since you came. I’m very lucky That I have got a wife like you
Wife slowly glance at the sight of the bid –
Now you are not bachelor, you are married, then this was a “demo” for you, because “to tell you what work, when and how to do it tomorrow. OK

Newly Husband’s Story

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