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Speech on Traffic Rules 2019

Traffic rules

Be a good citizen! Obey traffic rules. Major rules are we must follow for our safety. All the pedestrian must be known about the traffic rules which was followed as follows: – traffic lights are red, yellow, and green from top to bottom or from left to right.

  • Red light means stop.
  • Yellow light means wait.
  • Green light means go.

All people know about the general safety rules which were governed by the government. Always use a helmet if on a two wheeler, don’t cross the speed limit, Don’t rush on roads, leave zebra crossing for pedestrians ,don’t drink and drive, don’t run on roads otherwise it is dangerous for us.

In big Cities, there is a lot of noise and pollution we all should be ride carefully and focus on only our point not here and there.

Wear seat belt if on a 4 wheeler and don’t use of mobile phones don’t drive without a license otherwise it would be charged fine. We also use pollution free bicycles to clean our environment. For our safety we all must follow traffic rules.

Speech on Traffic Rules 2019
Speech on Traffic Rules 2019
Speech on Traffic Rules 2019
Speech on Traffic Rules 2019

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