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Speech on Hindi Diwas

Hindi got a great status in India. The Hindi Diwas celebrated every year on 14th September in India. And world Hindi Diwas celebrated on 10th January. In India the Hindi Diwas is celebrate the birthday of Dr. Radha Krishna Savarpalli. Hindi is the National language of India. Hindi language used in Devanagari script to bring formal in writing. 22 major languages are used by Indians like Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, English, Bengali etc. Hindi is easy language in speak,learn and write.

14th September celebrates in the schools and cities in all over country. and tell about why we are celebrate the Hindi Diwas. Hindi diwas is a great day for our national language. Sanskrit is a old and origin language and Hindi is new form. Mostly Hindi use in north states and central part of India. Outside countries are use hindi in the world it is Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, Tobago and Nepal etc. Hindi alphabet called Hindi Varna mala. The meaning of Varna is letter and Mala is chain.

Hindi diwas celebrate for promote the Devanagari script and national language. its diminishing popularity against English. and all are know about the importance of Hindi. Hindi is a respectful language but now a days peoples not like using Hindi causes by English. Everyone want to speak English because English give a status and slandered of person. Parents admission their child in best English medium school for give a best education. But use for Hindi it is compulsory language in Indian schools. Hindi is popular language in the world but no one want to use the Hindi.

The celebration of Hindi Diwas is object is increase this and know about importance and use Hindi in our daily life. Hindi is easy because we are understand this easily and speak. In the schools it organize like event and learn Hindi. Dr. Radha Krishna Savarpalli was a great Indian person and everyone know about. and Hindi Diwas celebrate with glad and the day of R.K. Savarpalli. This day learn us to use Hindi Language and increase status of our national language.

Hindi diwas

Hindi diwas is celebrated on 14th September. Every citizen of India proud to be Indian as because Hindi is our mother tongue. Every year it is celebrated at schools, colleges, offices with great speeches.

Speeches are like that what the importance of Hindi language is in our Indian culture. The constitution assembly of India adopted Hindi as the official language of the country. 

It is pride moment of every citizen to celebrate Hindi diwas because in foreign countries every citizen proud for their own language and we should also be accepted as we are proud to be Indians.

Language connect the person and connection can be only strengthened through language because Hindi is the most common or spoken language in the country.

Speech on Hindi Diwas
Speech on Hindi Diwas
Speech on Hindi Diwas
Speech on Hindi Diwas

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