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Speech on Health and Hygiene

Health is important for everyone and need good health for it body. Person hygiene include care of nails. feet, teeth, washing hands, clothes and inculcation of clean habit. Maintain personal hygiene is necessary for many causes Hygiene is set of health. Keep a good stranded of hygiene is help to prevent the development of infection. Hygiene is help for maintain health.Personal hygiene refers to maintaining the body of cleanliness. Health education plays and important role in the community hygiene. That keep our environment healthy. Complete and correct knowledge is necessary.

Habit to maintain good health is a best for us like stay hydrate, build plate around healthy choice, Children always need good hygiene because they are not understand the meaning of hygiene and health. good education is give a knowledge of hygiene and health. For a good health do yoga, morning walk and exercise in regular life. Yoga and exercise develop good mind, health, body. and cool our mind. Health is important for balance our body and body parts. Hygiene help for give health. Hygiene is good because it give discipline and manner.

Hygiene and Health both are important for us. It is like a pair of shoes. health and hygiene help us in give a fresh life and strong body. With a good health and good hygiene we feel strong, positive and comfortable. Everywhere hygiene is important for us and a good health is need hygiene. Now we also no about hygiene and health. Health is not possible without hygiene and hygiene give a better health. And anyone need health and hygiene.

Now a day children like unhygienic food like pizza, burger etc it is not good for health. In the schools also teach and learn about the health and hygiene. And stop children to eat this unhygienic food. It is harmful for health and reason of poor health. Eat good, green and fresh food it is a compulsory for health.

Health and hygiene

Health is playing a major role in our body or life. Because when health is good then we work proper or when health is not good then we not work proper. Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, social health.

The aim of good health can be achieved through proper cleaning and healthy way of living as like what we do in our daily life. Good health is totally come from personal hygiene and it protects us from disease and infection. Hygiene also involves healthy diet, cleanliness in our body or environment around us where we are living and mental health like stress, tension.

Children at their early age must be teacher about cleanliness and teachers doing some activities about cleanliness. We should take care of ourselves to protect our immunity well as far from diseases.

Speech on Health and Hygiene
Speech on Health and Hygiene
Speech on Health and Hygiene
Speech on Health and Hygiene

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