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Speech on Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi the birth of the Hindu elephant headed god lord Ganesha. It is the important Hindu festival celebrated every year on the month of august and September in whole India. It is festival of great devotion. This day celebrate the birthday of Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is son of Shiva and Parvati. Lord Ganesha is symbol of good fortune, wisdom, prosperity. Ganesha Chaturthi is a traditional festival im country. It is a popular festival in Maharashtra. Ganesha Chaturthi is a ten days Hindu festival. Ganesha is known by 108 another names. The festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated at home and society and cities. on this festival welcome lord Ganesha for worship in morning and evening. Lord Ganesha’s like flowers and modak and laddu. The lord Ganesha was created by Parvati when she went to take a bath. It is the story of Ganesha’s birth.

Ganesha is also called Ganpati, Vinayaka, Ekdant etc. Ganesha like a rat. and the name of Ganesha’s rat is Mushak. Ganesha always ride with their rat Mushak. On the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi peoples are purchase a statue of Ganesha for worship their home ten days happily. it is festival of brightness. Statue of lord Ganesha is made by sand and POP and paint.

After ten days comes Anant Chaturdathi and Visarjan of lord Ganesha in river and lakes. but present time the Visarjan of lord Ganesha at home. Because chemical of statue is causes of water pollution and fishes are die in water. so peoples melting in plants. Ganesha visarjan is a last day of celebration. On Anant Chaturthdashi everyone visarjan the Ganesha after celebrate their birthday gladly.

Ganesha Chaturthi to Anant Chaturthdashi the day of joy with Ganesha. Kids and people enjoy the days. It’s a devotional and worshiped festival. The festival of Ganesha’s is gives blessings for future and beautiful memory to us.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most important Hindu festival Ganesh Chaturthi is the birthday of Lord Ganesha it is believed that Lord Ganesha comes every year on this day the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for 11 days people install the Statue of Lord Ganesha in their homes and temples after 11 days the statue is being visarjit on the Ganesh Visarjan day this festival is celebrated all over the country with full devotion and enjoy Ganesh ji is said as remover of obstacles and creator of happiness.

Speech on Ganesh Chaturthi
Speech on Ganesh Chaturthi
Speech on Ganesh Chaturthi

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