Speech on Air Pollution

AIR POLLUTION! Yeah, you heard it right Air pollution, one of the most recent issues which is on everybody’s mind and equally important issue to get worried about.

Some of you must know what air pollution is and can understand its severity too but for those and the newbies who don’t know what im talking about then let me be your fellow mates and try to make you understand what is it and how serious it can be.

So starting with knowing the air pollution , then it’s a topic related to air getting dispurified with all the smoke and harmful gases emitting from your cars, industries, kitchens, wastes and etc., in short its like you putting all the harmful and hazardous and lethal things into a box and when it explodes you face the wrath of it so don;t be mean, and keep the air clean.

But here comes the CAUTION! Yeah a caution with the saying ‘whatever you sow you reap that only’. The bad quality of air affects our health too and it can be easily be understandable as the more polluted air is when breathed in it can degrade your lungs and can be a reason for many health problems which weren’t their on the front but welcomed by you open handedly.

It is also one of the most under-rated and the ‘hot-topic-to-be-worried-about’ recently, raising questions and demanding the need to get looked after as it is day by day becoming a threat to human life.

Recently in The United Nations, in New York, the issue or I must say a concerning belief was being raised by the Honorable Presidents and Prime Ministers of many countries regarding air and water pollution in which they discussed about the reasons, the causes, the precautions, the do’s and don’t, the schemes, the bills and every possible concern regarding the above were discussed.

Many young leaders had the courage to come up the stage and talk about such a serious issue to the world and making people aware, making people courageous enough to stand up for a cause on which their life is being dependent.

But a common assumption is made about India that it’s just a land of diversity, a land of culture and religion, a secular state but is incapable to look after such issues, but you will all be happy to know  that the capital of India, New Delhi is looking forward to the increase in air quality index which has almost cross 300 as on dated 17th October 2019, recently decided that a new bill is to be passed naming ‘Odd and Even Rule’ in which alternative days will be awarded to the vehicles having either an odd number or an even number as on their number plate respectively and more and more use of public transport is being promoted.

Looking into it I can say that yes it’s a great step towards such a lethal issue and we all should support government regarding it and we all should come forward too with our own unique ideas.

Rallies considering it should be made, students must get aware about it, chapters or lessons concerning it should be made a part of compulsory education by education boards, more and more of pollution controlled vehicles be used, we should turn towards electric vehicles rather than those who are on either petrol or diesel, seminars or schemes must be made regarding proper disposal of industrious waste and most importantly people irrespective of caste colour age gender must be educated and be made aware about it because only if the country is educated only then it can be developed and together can fight to such issues.

So yeah that’s all for today and will meet you next time with another worrisome issue which needs to be taken care of. So till then spread solution not pollution and yeah don’t forget to say loudly ‘NO’ to air pollution.

Speech on Air Pollution in English

Speech on Air Pollution in English

Speech on Air Pollution in English

Speech on Air Pollution in English

Speech on Air Pollution in Hindi

Speech on Air Pollution in Hindi

Speech on Air Pollution in Hindi

Speech on Air Pollution in Hindi

Air pollution 

Air pollution is a mixture of natural and man-made substances in the air. We breathe. Air pollution released into the atmosphere of various gases.

Air pollution causes and exacerbates a number of diseases. It’s produced by the burning of fossil fuels, noxious gases, tobacco smoke, carbon oxides, household products and chemicals etc.

Air pollution effects on human health and plant. It is the contamination of the air. Air pollution generated by human activity and natural process.

It is very harmful for people, animals and the environment. There are two types of air pollution.

  1. Indoor air pollution 
  2. Outdoor air pollution

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