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Seriously Funny Jokes

Vladimir’s Putin’s plan for the new economy.
The goal? Make people rich and happy. List of people attached.

An American and a Russian are arguing about which country has more freedom.
The American says, “I can walk right up to the White House and shout
‘Down with Donald Trump!’ and nothing bad will happen to me.”
The Russian replies, “Guess what? I can walk in front of Kremlin and shout
‘Down with Donald Trump!’ and nothing will happen to me either.”

.Late 1990s. Two New Russians meet in the street. One says to the other:
“Hey, look, I bought a new tie. Paid $200.”
“You idiot. Just around the corner you can get the same tie for $500.”

A man walks into a shoe shop. He says: “Give me a pair of shoes, please.”
“Certainly, sir, what size?”
“I wear a 10 but I’ll take a five.”
“Why, sir? Are they for someone else?”
“Oh, they’re for me. They’ll be too tight but when I take them off, it’ll be the one moment of pleasure I experience all day.”

Two rabbits on a road during the Stalinist terror of 1937.
First rabbit: “Where are you going in such a hurry?”
Second rabbit: “Haven’t you heard? There’s a rumour going round that all camels are to be castrated.”
First rabbit: “But you’re not a camel.”
Second rabbit: “After they catch you and castrate you, try proving you’re not a camel.”

. “Comrade Rabinowitz, why weren’t you present at the last meeting of the Communist Party?”
“No-one told me it would be the last one. If I had known that I would have come with my whole family.”

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