Santa Banta Funny Jokes In English

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Santa Banta Funny Jokes In English

SANTA went to court
“Order ! Order !”
“1 Pizza, 2 Dosa, 3 Idli & 1 Cold-drink !”
“Shut Up !”

A lady calls Santa for repairing door bell,
Santa doesn’t turns up for 4 days.
Lady calls again, Santa replies,
I’m coming daily since 4 days,
I press the bell but no one comes out.

anta-Oye!what R U doing?
Banta-Recording this babys voice.
Banta- When he grows up, I shall ask him what he meant by this..

. Maths Teacher Was Teaching
Mathematical Conversions
1000 Kgs= Ton.
For 3000 Kgs
=How Much?

Santa went to temple & saw people puting coin in box & praying
Santa: Wow! How amazing. People are talking to God through coin phone without receiver

Banta: Why is divorce so expensive?
Santa: Because it’s worth it.

Titanic was sinking.
An englishman asked Santa, “How far is land”?
Santa: 2 KMs.
Englishman jumped into sea.
Englishman: Now, which direction

Santa : Soch Raha Hu Ki USA Ghumaun,
Kitna Paisa Lagega?
Banta : Kuch B Nahi
Santa : Kaise?
Banta : Sochne K Liye Paise Nahi Lagte

Santa ne bhagte huye Bus pakdi aur Driver se puchha.
Bus teri Maa lagti he?
To kamine “PAKDNE” kyo nhi deta..

Banta ke ghar ladka hua, par wo phir bhi dukhi tha?
Itne saalo baad, itni manato ke baad ladka hua wo bhi chhota sa…

Banta: Pareshan lag rahe ho.
Santa: Yaar baap ban ne wala hu.
Banta: Yeh to khushi ki baat hai.
Santa: Lekin biwi ko nahi pata.

Santa-What Is Difference
Between COFFEE Shop & WINE
Banta-COFFEE Shop Is The
Starting Point Of LOVE & WINE
Shop Is Last Point Of LOVE

Santa was drawing money from ATM.
Banta, who was just behind him in
the line said: I’ve seen ur password. It’s ****.
Sant: U r wrong. It’s 1394.

Santa: Look a thief has entered our kitchen
and he is eating the cake I made.
Banta: Whom should I call now,
Police or Ambulance?

Santa sing ka 20 saal bad bacha hua.
Wo udas ho gaya.
Banta : Yaar udas kion ho?
Santa : 20 sal baad bacha huwa wo bhi itna sa.

Santa:- ‘Which is better?
Google or Yahoo..?’
Banta- ‘Oh wait.I’ll search it on

Major Rohail told me T.V cabel is not good for kids,
they don’t study,so i got rid of it
Banta: Good?
Santa: Now we have a Dish Installed

Santa: Do you know the full form of MBA?
Banta: No santa.
Santa: MBA means “Mai Bhi Anna”

Santa: Shall i send sms from your mobile to my girlfriend?
Banta; Why send it from your mobile.
Santa: She will understand my handwriting. she is very clever.

Santa was kissing blank paper.
Banta: why you are kissing a blank paper.
Santa: These days we don’t talk.

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