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1000 Miss You Status for WhatsApp

Miss You Status for Whatsapp Status! Hello friends, I have collected some new Miss You Status for Whatsapp. So read it and share it with your lovely friends.

1000 miss you status for WhatsApp, Your good looking boyfriend is really special, which you really love most and care for it. In this way, there is a good reason to remember it whenever you have a distance between the two or have to go miles away for any reason.

All you can do is post or captions with photos on Facebook or Whatsapp by Miss You Stats for Boyfriend, and tell him how much you are missing him while he is not around.

You can send some I miss you status to Hindi for the boyfriend or girlfriend below, who will express your love and care in your heart and at the same time know a long way to know how much you stay with him at this time. Want to.

Are you missing the most important person in your life? If you are missing your boyfriend, tell him. Posting beautiful romantic text on the phone or Facebook, Whatsapp etc. like I Miss You Status on Social Network, the most effective way to tell her how much she misses you and how much she counts for you.

Approximate or far specific individuals usually reach a certain part of the heart. The distance can make someone more difficult, which can cause pain.

At the moment, if you are feeling lonely and remembering your girlfriend, then make your special girl realize this. To tell her to tell her that you want her company, send her some adorable or romantic I miss you status.

Express your own heart’s feelings so much that you are feeling so much to your girlfriend. In addition, you can update or post in Hindi on your social media site profile, I Miss You Status for WhatsApp, and tag it on this post.

Receive some hearty and romantic I miss you status for him that can enable you to express your feelings which you really feel for your girlfriend.

miss you status for whatsapp in Hindi

  • अखबार तो रोज़ आता है घर में, बस अपनों की ख़बर नहीं आती.
  • “कुछ दिन खामोश होकर देखना, लोग सच में भूल जाते है ।”.
  • “कभी तो हिसाब करो हमारा भी, इतनी मोहब्बत भला कौन देता है उधार में ।”

miss you status for whatsapp in english,

miss you status for whatsapp in tamil,

miss you status for whatsapp in marathi,

miss you status for whatsapp in punjabi,

miss you status for whatsapp in urdu

miss you status for whatsapp video,

Miss you WhatsApp status video female

  • “अजीब क़िस्सा है मेरी ज़िंदगी का भी दोस्तों चाहने वाले हज़ारों हैं, दिल फिर भी मोहब्बत को तरसता है ।”
  • “गम हूँ, दर्द हूँ, साज हूँ, या आवाज हूँ, बस जो भी हूँ, मैं तुम बिन बहुत उदास हूँ ।”
  • उसकी दर्द भरी आँखों ने जिस जगह कहा था, अलविदा आज भी वही खड़ा है दिल उसके आने के इंतजार में
  • उसकी मोहब्बत पे मेरा हक़ तो नहीं लेकिन, दिल करता है के उम्र भर उसकी इंतज़ार करूँ….

Miss you status for WhatsApp status

  • “गज़ब की धुप है शहर में फिर भी पता नहीं, लोगों के दिल यहां क्यों नहीं पिघलते ।”
  • “पानी की तरह एक दिन तेरी आँखों से बह जाएंगे हम राख बन चुके होंगे और आप ढूँढ़ते रह जाएंगे ।”
  • “बस एक बार दर्दे दिल को खत्म कर दो ऐ मेरे मालिक, वादा करते हैं फिर कभी मौहब्बत नहीं करेंगें ।”
  • “दिल में उसकी चाहत और लबों पे उसका नाम है, वो वफ़ा करे ना करे जिन्दगी अब उसी के नाम है ।”

More miss you status for WhatsApp can find our next update here.

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