Idioms Funny Jokes

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Idioms Funny Jokes

Why are the baby strawberries crying?
Because their parents are in a jam.
A pair of jumper cables goes into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender says, “OK… but just don’t start anything.”

idioms is a sentence or word that is kinda hard to understand from its true meaning like I smell something :fishy:
it means he sense something bad is happening or will still happend
wish u would understand

Hmmmmm…. How about hit the hay:
Mom:Son its time to hit the hay
Son: Mom this isnt a farm!
Mom:I meant that u should go to bed now

welll…. I have to look for some jokes which contain idioms…
and then, I have to translate them into my native language. so,
I need some jokes in which idioms appear. I hope I’ve been clear enough now..

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