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Hmmm Funny Jokes

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Hmmm Funny Jokes

Hmmm Funny Jokes, 100 Hmmm Funny Jokes

Finally Got the full form of
”Hmm…”for every answer by a husband.😇
Haan Meri Maa!!!

Gubbarewala : le lo rang birange gubbare laal peele neele .
Bacha : keh ke loonga
Gubbarewala : kyu be tu sardar khan hai?
Baccha : haa
Gubbarewala : hmmm
Bacha : hmmmm

Bachaa – kaunse kaunse colour k gubbare hain??
Gubbarewala – le lo sb hai -red, green, brown rang ne munde pat de ne saree mere town de
Bachaa – yo yo=D
Gubarewala -Honey Singh!B) Bachha- hmmmm! Gubbarewala- hmmmmm..!!

Bacha – aaj mere paas bangla hai, gaadi hai, paisa h tere pas kya h ??/:)
Gubaarewala-mere pas gubaare hai
Gubarewala -hmmmmm

Gubbare waala : ye lo gubaara
Ladki : nai chaiye
Gubbare waala : pyaar se lelo varna thappad maarke bhi de sakte hain
Ladki : thappad se darr nai lagta saab.. Pyaar se lagta hai
Gubbare waala : hmmm
Ladki : hmmmm

Gubbarewala : Chahiye?
Baccha: Thoda pyaar..
Gubbarewala: Thoda pyaar? B
accha: Chahiye..
Baccha: hmmm…

Gubarewala – Gubarelelo
Baccha – Kaise Diye?
Gubarewala – Fula Ke .
Baccha – comedy kiya ?? !!
Gubarewala : hmmmm !!

लड़का :- क्या करती हैं आप..??
लड़की :- Writer हूँ…!
लड़का (बहुत आदर के साथ) –
क्या लिखती हैं आप..??
लड़की :- वो मैं Whatsapp,
Facebook, Instagram और Twitter
पर ‘hmmm’ ‘awww’ और ‘kkkk’…

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