Happy Karwa Chauth 2020 Date and Day, Karwa Chauth 2020 date in India calendar

Happy Karwa Chauth 2019 Date and Day, karwa chauth 2019 date in India calendar, karwa chauth 2019 date and time, karwa chauth ka vrat 2019 mein kab hai.

17 October 2019

India is a spiritual country. Here festivals have a great importance in everybody’s life.

Festivals are celebrated with a lot of joy, laughter and happiness. There are many beliefs which are attached to every festival and every festival is celebrated in different style. 

And every religion celebrates different festivals according to their belief and religion. But India is also a secular country so every festival of every religion is respected and celebrated.

“Karwachauth” is also one of the festivals which is celebrated by Hindu community. “Karwa” means “Earthen Pot” and “Chauth” means “Fourth” in Hindi . 

This festival is celebrated by the females of Hindu society. This festival is celebrated four days after Purnima on a full moon in the month of Kartika. Karwachauth is specially celebrated by the married womens. 

This festival is originated in north-western part of India

As every festival some story behind it, so does this festival? When men go for war they left their wives and children behind.

So, for their safe return women worship god. This festival is celebrated when wheat sowing time started. 

So, women stores wheat in earthen pots for some time that are called ”Kavwas”, so the fast may have begun as a prayer for a good harvest in the predominantly wheat eating region.

Another story related to this festival, with the custom of arranged marriage being prevalent, the newlyweds bride are supposed to live with their husbands and in-laws. 

Being in a new family, the custom arose of befriending other women as her friend. 

The friendship would be sanctified through a Hindu ritual during the marriage ceremony itself. 

The bride’s friends would usually be of the same age (or slightly older), typically married into the same village (so that she would not go away) and not directly related to her in-laws (so there was no conflict of interest later). 

This emotional and psychological bond would be considered akin to a blood relationship. 

It is said that Karva Chauth festival evolved to include celebrating this special bond of friendship.. 

This festival is celebrated with full excitement.

The preparations for this festival are started a few days before. As women’s buy earthen pots i.e. “Karvas” having capacity of 2-3litres. 

Women decorate their pots by painting pots with beautiful designs. Inside those pots women’s puts many things in that pot such as bangles, ribbons, homemade sweets, other make up items and small clothes.

Women’s also buy some Karva lamps and they also decorate their pooja thali and put heena on their hands to celebrate festivals. 

If there is a newlywed bride in the family then some gifts are also sent for her in laws by her parent’s side.

On, the day of karvachauth women keeps fast i.e. women’s will not eat or drink anything for the whole day and in the evening women’s do 16 sringar i.e. they get ready by applying 16 makeup and jewelers items such as. Sindur, bangles, magalsutra, bindi etc.

On this day women wear traditional clothes such as sarees or lehengas and after that they will visit to each other places to celebrate this day and after that they do worship of goddess “Karva”. And then women’s tell stories related to mythology and waits for the moon to rise and when the moon rises  they will worship the moon by Seeing the moon in Chalni and taking some water in pot and putting some silver ornament in that pot. 

After that elder women’s offer water to younger women 7 times from their karvas and asked “Dhapi ki Ni Dhapi”(Are you satisfied) In which she responds “ Jal se Dhapi, Suhaag se na Dhapi”(I am satisfied from water but not from the love of my husband) and then younger women give karva to elder women’s and take blessings for her and her husband. 

After that women’s break their fast by having dinner together. 

This festival is celebrated in different styles in different regions of the country. 

In Punjabis women’s wakes up early in the morning and have some food before the sun rises. This will help them to remain without food and water the other day. And mother in law gives some gifts to their daughter in law called “Sargi” but if she is living with her mother in law then her mother in law will prepare meals for her. 

In Uttar Pradesh, a priest or an elderly woman of the family narrates the story of beejabeti or Veeravati. Celebrants make Gauri, Ganesh and Shankar idols with mud and decorate them with colourful and bright clothes and jeweler. 

While exchanging Karvas seven times, they sing “Saada suhagan karve lo, Pati ki pyari karve lo, saat bhaiyo ki behen karve lo, vrat karni karve lo, Saas ki pyari karve lo”. After that, the fasters offer baayna to the idols and hand over to their mother-in-law or sister-in-law.

Happy Karwa Chauth 2019 Date and Day, karwa chauth 2019 date in india calendar, karwa chauth 2019 date and time, karwa chauth ka vrat 2019 mein kab hai.

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