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Gym Funny Jokes

Google+ is the gym of social networking.
We all join, but nobody actually uses it.

I quit my gym this morning because one of the instructors started shouting at me,
“Come on man, you’ve got to want it! Come on push. You can do it.”
I hate being disturbed when I’m having a dump.

Came out the gym the other day and cop asked me how I got that body.
I said, “I don’t know officer, I just opened the trunk and there she was”

Just been to the gym and there’s a new machine.
Only used it for an hour as I started to feel sick.
Its good though, it does everything ‘Kitkats, Mars bars, Snickers and crisps’!

What do you do for exercise?
I lift weights.
What do you do for cardio?
I lift weights faster.

Work emails are like the gym.
You sign up for it thinking it will be loads of fun.
You get bored of it within hours.
You only keep going to keep up your reputation.
The more you stay away, the harder it is to go back.

At the gym:
Me: “What does this machine do?”
“Sir, that’s a bench.”
Me: “Perfect.”

In the dim and distant past, when life’s tempo wasn’t so fast, Grandma used to rock and knit, Crochet, tat and babysit.
When the kids were in a jam, they could always call on Gram.
However, today she’s in the gym exercising to keep slim.
She’s checking the web or surfing the net, sending some e-mail or placing a bet.
Nothing seems to stop or block her, now that Grandma’s off her rocker.

There were two guys at a gym Dan and Mike who hit the showers after a hard morning workout.
Dan said to Mike “Hey! Have you heard? That there is a gay guy at our gym today.”
The Mike looking really curious and replies “Oh? Who do you think he is?”
Dan looks at Mike from mid-section to eye level and, says “Let me give you a kiss first before I tell you who.”

I phoned the local gym and I asked if they could teach me how to do the splits.
He said, “How flexible are you?”
I said, “I can’t make Tuesdays or Thursdays.”

A classic Tommy Cooper gag “I said to the Gym instructor “Can you teach me to do the splits?”
He said, “How flexible are you?”
I said, “I can’t make Tuesdays”, was fifth.

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