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Funny Feet Jokes

Funny Feet Jokes! Hi friends, I have collected some new Funny Feet Jokes.Funny Feet Jokes has been published.So check the latest Funny Feet Jokes and share it with your lovely friends.Read it and enjoy you can hare it with your all lovely friends.Its give smile and happiness to everyone face.
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Funny Feet Jokes

Dude 1: what mouse walks on two feet?
Dude 2: I d’know
Dude 1: Mickey Mouse
Dude 1: now what duck walks on two feet?
Dude 2: Donald Duck 🙂
Dude 1: every duck you fuming moron
Don’t know if this is funny I found it so
Also don’t know if it’s been posted my friend told me it.

Funny Feet”————
Funny feet, funny feet.
Oh, I have such funny feet.
Left and right.
Back and forth.
They always know which way to go.

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