Funny Bmw Motarcycle Jokes

Funny Bmw Motarcycle Jokes! Hello friends, I have collected some new Funny Bmw Motarcycle Jokes. So check the latest Funny Bmw Motarcycle Jokes and share it with your lovely friends.

Funny Bmw Motarcycle Jokes

I was just wondering if anyone had any FUNNY motorcycle jokes or BMW jokes.
I am a new BMW F800 ST rider and was just looking for some humor.
For example, I was taking acoustic guitar lessons a short while back and someone asked me if I knew what God’s favourite chord was ?
I said no and he repiled ” Gsus “
ps to quote reader’s digest ” Laughter is good medicine “
Newmarket , Ontario

OK, here’s two though I don’t think either is all that funny:
Q: What’s the cheapest thing on a BMW Motorcycle?
A: The rider
Q: What’s the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?
A: The position of the dirtbag
I’ve already used up my best PG material in a thread labeled “Campfire Jokes” back in June, the rest of my repertoire will get me banned from here.

They were both pretty good.
Too bad we have to keep it civil.
I don’t have any but I will keep searching and get back to you when I hear some good ones.

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