Funny Bc Mc Jokes

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Funny Bc Mc Jokes

She: Jasnu ye BC kya hota hai??
He: BC means Bahot cute.
She: Jaanu I’m BC na??
He: Haan jaanu tum bahot BC ho.
She: Aawwwww
She: Jaanu agar main BC to tum MC.
He: Jaanu MC kya hota hai?
She: mad*r chod.

Agar english aati hai to..
Fast padhkar dikaho
A My
They My
They They My
A My They na My
Chhutta nahi hain maaf karo..!!!
Aage jao.. 😆

Pappu sent SMS to his BOSS: “Me sick,
no work”.
Boss SMS back: “When I am sick I kiss
my wife try it”. heart.png
2 hours later pappu sms 2 boss: “Me
ok, ur wife very sweet”. heart.png

Watsapp chat
Girl: hi kutte
Boy; wats happend
Tu muze kutta Q bol rhi
Girl: hum masti me zagda
Karte he,pyar se to
Daily bat krte h na.
Boy : k par masti me hi ha
Girl : k bewakhuf
Boy : a budhdhu
Girl : a besharam
Boy : a MC
Girl : a chup kutte
Boy : a BC._.
Girl : a bohat ho gaya
Boy : teri maa ka saakinaka bc
Girl : blocked frown.png

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