Filipino Super Funny Jokes

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Filipino Super Funny Jokes

Teacher: Class, use the word “among” in a sentence…
Juan: AMONG the trees, coconut is the best!
Teacher: Very Good! You Pedro?
Pedro: AMONG arenola gikawat sa nagbasa!

A cute and funny way to ask someone out….
Boy: I’m invisible!
Girl: Owwwzzz? Talaga?
Boy: Can you see me?
Girl: syempre naman!
Boy: 7 pm tonight?

What is LOVE ?
Love is romantic, fantastic, realistic, dramatic and full of atik – atik(lies)…. dah lage

” THE GUN…..
KAY NAAY IRO….” Agpas ” the gun”(run) dayon

Use chocolate in a sentence…

Your a certain person I always enjoy sending
Text messages coz I want you to feel that
You’ve really a part of my expenses…
Ay mali(sorry) THOUGHTS pala…

I may not be with you everyday
But one thing I promise you…
I”ll be there on your wedding day, I’m going to sit beside you while saying…
” yes…. kaon na ni…(eating time!)

Friends are like mirrors
They are our reflection
Busa ayaw katingala nganong hitsuraan ka…
Oh come on… friends baya tah…

Kano : why you came late ?
Pedro : Juan, tabangi ko eninglish be. Ingna nagduha-duha ko ug lakaw kay ang adlaw hapon na.
Juan : I two by two walk because the sun is Japanese.

Roses are red, skies are blue,
Monkeys like you, should be kept in zoo
Don’t get angry… you’ll find me their too…
Not in the cage, but laughing at you.

Bless this FOOD, ako FOOD, siya FOOD, aron ang pagkaon
Ma aFOOD- aFOOD u gang sud-an maiguFOOD
Hangtud ang ngipon maFOOD-FOOD…. katawa FOOD

Apo : LOLO look at those boats…
Erap : Nice diba iho, they are called yachts
Apo: How do you spell it?
Erap : Youre’re right iho, they’re boats.

Teacher : What will change if the ice water turn into ice?
Student: The price, sir….

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