Electrician Funny Jokes

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Electrician Funny Jokes

His wife asked, “Wire you insulate?”
He replied, “Watts it to you? I’m ohm, aren’t I?”

Paddy, an electrician, was sacked by the U.S. Prison Service for refusing to repair an electric chair.
He said in his opinion, the chair was a f*%#^!% death trap.

I finally managed to get rid of that nasty electrical charge I’ve been carrying.
I’m ex-static!

My electrician friend accidentally blew the power to the ice making factory.
Now they’ve gone into liquidation.

What would a barefoot man get if he stepped on an electric fence?
A pair of shocks.

Where do electricians get their supplies?
The Ohm Depot.

My wife said to me that the spark between us had gone.
So I tasered her.
I’ll ask her again when she wakes up.

My tight-fisted neighbor doesn’t want to pay for an electrician to re-wire his house so he’s going to try and do it himself.
“How hard can it be?” he said.
I think he’s in for a shock.

What do electricians chant when they meditate?

Engineering Jokes in Hindi :Ek ladka TRAIN me chadne laga
Ek ladka TRAIN me chadne laga
Akashwani hui:”Isme mat chadh ye patri se utar
PLANE me chadne laga Aawaj aayi:”Ye crash
ho jayega..”
BUS me aawaj aayi:”Ye khaime gir jayegi..”
Ladka gusse se:”Kaun hai Yaar..???
Aawaz aai:”GOD”
Ladka:”Engineering me jab admission le raha
tab tumhara gala baith gaya tha

इंजीनिरिंग का फार्म भरते हुए छात्र ने पास खड़े चौकीदार से पूंछा ………
कैसा है ये कोलेज ???
चौकीदार :-
बहुत बढ़िया है,
हमने भी यहीं से इन्जिनारिंग की है.

A question was asked in exam
Ques :- What is half of 8??
Lawyer : haha so easy 4
Doctor :- lol its so simple 4
Mba :- its 4
Engineer: It Changes…..
If U cut horizontally then Its ‘0’
If U cut vertically then Its ‘3’……..
Engineers alwayz rockezz

1 Handsome boy class mein aaya
Sari girls dekhte hi deewani ho gai . .
Ladke ne aate hi kuch kaha To girls behosh..
Socho kya kaha hoga?
Thodi Jagah Dena, Jhaadu Lagana Hai
“HAYE RE BEROZGARI???????? (Side note – Vo Engineer tha ????)

Chintu बस में खड़ा था..
ब्रेक लगी तो एक लड़की पर जा गिरा;
लड़की :- बत्तमीज़, क्या कर रहे हो ?
Chintu :- Engineering.. और आप ??.

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