Egg Funny Jokes

Egg Funny Jokes

Q: How was the chicken able to get home from work so fast?
A: It used the eggs-press lane.

Q: Why did the egg cross the internet?
A: To get to the other site.

Q: What do eggs do for fun at parties?
A: Sing kari-yolkie.

Q: Why did the scrambled egg lose the baseball game?
A: The boiled eggs were hard to beat.

Q: What did the egg say to the clown?
A: You crack me up.

Q: What track event to chickens compete in?
A: Relay race.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Chicken who?
Chicken your pockets, maybe you’ll find it.

Q: What do chickens serve at their birthday parties?
A: Coop cakes.

Q: Why did the egg cross the playground?
A: To get to the other slide.

Q: Where do eggs go to college?
A: Yokelahomia State.

Q: What do you call a scrambled egg wearing a cowboy hat?
A: A western omelette.

Q: Where can you find the most information about eggs?
A: In the hencyclopedia.

Q: How do you make an egg roll?
A: Give it a little push down a hill.

Q: How many eggs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None, silly! Eggs don’t have hands.

Q: What do you say to an omelette who gets a good grade?
A: Eggcellent!

Q: Why did the egg cross the playground?
A: To get to the other slide.

Q: What did the chicken order at Starbucks?
A: An Eggspreso.

Q: How can you drop an egg 5 feet without breaking it?
A: By dropping it 6 feet – it doesn’t break for the first 5.

Q: What did one chicken say to the other after walking through a poison ivy patch?
A: You scratch my beak and I’ll scratch yours?

Q: What did the Spanish egg farmer say to his hens every night?
A: Oh lay.

Q: Where are chickens born?
A: On eggplants.

Q: Why did the egg cross the beach?
A: To get to the other tide.

Q: Who tells the best egg jokes?
A: Comedi-hens.

Q: What do chicken families do on nice afternoons?
A: They go on peck-nics.

Q: What happens when you make an egg laugh?
A: It cracks up.

Q: What do you call a pig who wakes up with a rash?
A: Ham and Eggzema.

Q: Why do chickens lay eggs?
A: If they dropped them, they would break.

Q: When did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?
A: Right after a nice summer.

Q: Which US city has 9 million eggs living in it?
A: New Yolk City.

Q: How do you make an egg roll?
A: Push it down a hill.

Q: Why do chickens lay eggs?
A: If they drop the eggs, they’ll break.

Q: How do you get inside a chicken barn?
A: Use the hen-trance.

Q: What do you get when a Tasmanian Devil gets into the chicken barn?
A: Deviled eggs.

Q: What did the person say when the egg said hello?
A: Ahhhhhhh – a talking egg..

Q: What do you get when you cross a hen with a cement truck?
A: A brick layer.

Q: What did the egg learn about being part of an omelet?
A: It found out it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Q: How do eggs stay in shape?
A: With lots of eggsercise.

Q: What’s hard to beat in the morning?
A: A boiled egg.

Q: What do you get when you cross a chicken with an alien?
A: E.T. the eggs-traterrestrial.

Q: How can you tell when a chicken doesn’t get your joke?
A: By the eggspressian on it’s face.

Q: Why can’t egg whites be comedians?
A: They can’t deliver a good yolk.

Q: How do you discover prehistoric eggs?
A: Using an eggscavator.

Q: How do ghosts order their eggs?
A: Terri-fried.

Q: Why did the egg cross the road?
A: To get to the shell station.

Q: What do you call a egg prankster?
A: A practical yolker.

Q: Why did the hen lay an egg on an axe?
A: To hachet.

Q: Since fruit comes from fruit trees, where do chickens come from?
A: A poul-tree.

Q: What do chickens say to get across a crowded barn?
A: Eggs-cuse me.

Q: How do circus clowns like their eggs?
A: Funny side up.

Q: How did the egg get out of the sticky situation?
A: Non-stick spray.

Q: Why did the chicken go for a walk?
A: She needed the Egg-ercise.

Q: How can you find a pirate chicken’s booty?
A: Eggs marks the spot.

Q: What do you end up when a hen lays it’s egg on a roof?
A: An eggroll.

Q: What do you call an egg who can’t stay awake?
A: Egg-zosted.

Q: How do eggs get off a highway?
A: By using the eggs-it.

Q: What do chickens call a test at school?
A: An eggs-amination.

Q: Why was the chef called a bully?
A: He beat the eggs.

Q: How do young chickens dance to slow songs?
A: Chick-to-chick.

Q: What was the egg’s favorite tree?
A: A y-oak tree.

Q: How did the fritata find out it was sick?
A: A doctor eggs-amined it.

Q: Where do chickens live on the west coast?
A: SandiEGGo.

Q: Why shouldn’t you tease a egg white?
A: They can’t take a yolk.

Q: Why do eggs go to school?
A: To eggspand their knowledge.

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