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Teenage crush is like flu. If you find a remedy for it,
it lasts for a couple of days. If you don’t,
it still lasts for a couple of days.

Some crushes just never went away. They built, instead,
into something permanent, obsessive and all consuming.

Infatuation is like a drug that gives you the best
high yet gives you the worst headache after.

The mark of a true crush… is that you fall in love
first and grope for reasons afterward.

I know I am but summer to your heart,
and not the full four seasons of the year.

Crush Quotes

If I had a single flower for every time
I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.

Just thinking about you brings a smile to face,
a twinkle to my eye, and a skipped beat to my heart.

You get crushes on people. You have to see them every day in that week.
They’re a fantastic person, and it could be a man or a woman.

I don’t remember having a crush on a boy when I was a girl.
I don’t even remember my first kiss.

What she had realised was that love was that
moment when your heart was about to burst.

Crush Quotes

Admiration is a very short-lived passion,
that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

When I find myself thinking of you, it is all the
good memories that we had that bring a smile to my face.

You see in all my life I’ve never found what I couldn’t resist,
what I couldn’t turn down. I could walk away from anyone I ever knew,
but I can’t walk away from you.

It’s amazing how crazy I feel when my phone vibrates
and I’m, begging it to be you.

Even after most said it was over between you and me,
I still to this day, never shut up about you.
You’ve got me wrapped around your finger.

You know that feeling when your head says no,
but your heart says yes? It’s wrong, but it feels so right?
I wish we could be together.

Ever since I met you, it hasn’t been the same.
All you’ve got me doing is drawing hearts around your name.

Don’t be scared if a big fat man comes into your room and
stuffs you in a bag… I told Santa I want you for Christmas!!!

When I’m alone, I think of so many things to say to you,
but when I have a chance to tell you, I go speechless

Why do they call it a crush? Because that’s how you feel
when they don’t feel the same way in return.

If you don’t stop staring at a girl you cannot have,
you will never see one you can.

I’ve got a crush on you; I hope you feel the way that I do,
I get a rush when I’m with you.. oh I got a crush on you.

Isn’t it funny how you can still get butterflies in your stomach,
even though you have known the person for years?

Love hurts when you break up with someone. It hurts even more when someone
breaks up with you. But love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea what so ever.

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