How to Create 1000 Free Backlinks in One Click

To get top search rank, generate free back links. You want to learn, How to Create 1000 free backlinks in One Click.

Here is complete guide to create 1000 free backlinks in One Click.

You are thinking that not possible, but nothing impossible, because now technology has upgraded advance.

The advanced technology help you. How? Let me explain step by step here.

A couple of year ago, SEO guys chat each other to place back link. These guys work to place links. They called Link Builders.

Yes, link builders had network of link builders. They chat each other and place links of client who pay for back links.

This linking method was called one way linking.

What is One-Way Link? : Link your website or web page to another website.

A few time later new linking method enters in the market.

It was two way back link method. Now your question is what is two way link?

Two way link: Exchange with another site to add links to each other.

The link exchange method is called reciprocal link.

Reciprocal link does mean, your website anchor with other website and same on your website.

Both websites or webpages anchor (hyper linked) each other.

Now link building technology upgraded and heard about three way link building.

That was another one way link generating technique. It was manually.

After a few year directory submission tool entered and help to create back links quick.

But Google understand this technique and update quality back links. It was high page rank (PR 0 to 10 rank) websites.

SEO business started first step to earn and hire hundreds of buys who can build back links on other websites which were high page rank.

Page rank update emerge on every 3 or 4 months. SEO companies wait for page rank update.

High PR website owners dance and earn thousand dollars for placing single link on their website.

New link technology arrived. It was social bookmarking sites. People could create accounts and were saved each of their web pages on bookmark sites.

Everywhere manually link building sound. The noise of link-building was heard all around. Thousands of links were created in minutes with new techniques.

During this period it became very easy to create a link for the website. A website owner could link to their website in these ways and get the search engine ranking within a few minutes.

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