Birthday Funny Jokes

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Birthday jokes are some different types of jokes because it will especially happens on the day of birthday or the day before of after birth day. Also, birthday jokes you can again imagine that day of your and your friends birthday and creates the jokes on birthday new memory with the new memory.

Birthday Funny Jokes

Your birthday is special day. We decided to collect more than 100 Birthday Funny Jokes so that your friends can share the best Birthday Funny Jokes on your WhatsApp or chat box on your mobile on this special day.

Boyfriend: How come you didn’t get me a present for my birthday?!

Girlfriend: Well, you did tell me to surprise you.


Who’s there?


Abby who?

Abby Birthday to you!

Patient: Doctor, I get a strong stinging feeling in my eyes every time I eat a birthday cake.”

Doctor: Next time, blow out the candles.

Q: Why did the man get heartburn after eating birthday cake?
A: He forgot to take off the candles.

Birthday Funny Jokes

Q: How old was the cave man on his birthday?
A: Stone Age.

Q: What does every birthday end with?
A: The letter Y.

Q: What does a birthday cake and a baseball team have in common?
A: They both need good batters.

Q: Why are candles lit on top of birthday cakes?
A: It’s impossible to light them on the bottom.

Birthday Funny Jokes

Q: What did the grumpy birthday candle say at the party?
A: Birthdays burn me up.

Q: When would you hit a birthday cake with a hammer?
A: When it’s a pound cake.

Q: Why couldn’t the teddy bear finish his piece of birthday cake?
A: He was stuffed.

Q: Where do you find the best birthday presents for cats?
A: In a cat-alogue.

Q: What kind of birthday cake do you get at a garbage?
A: A stomach-cake!

Q: Which famous men were born on your birthday?
A: None – only babies are born!

Q: What kind of birthday’s do babies have?
A: Nappy ones.

Q: What do George Washington, Christopher Columbus and Abraham Lincoln all have in common?
A: They were all born on holidays!

Q: What did the ice-cream say to the grumpy birthday cake?
A: What’s eating you?

Q: Why did the girl feel warm on her birthday?
A: Because people kept toasting her.

Q: What has wings, a long colorful tail, and wears a bow?
A: A birthday pheasant.

Q: Why are birthday so good for you?
A: I don’t know, but the people who have the most live the longest.

Q: What does every birthday end with?
A: The letter Y.

Q: Why did the boy get a pair of bunny ears as a gift?
A: So he could have a hoppy birthday

Q: How do you celebrate Moby Dick’s birthday?
A: With a whale of a party!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Bacon who?
Bacon a cake for your birthday.

Q: What did the lioness say to her cub on his birthday?
A: It’s roar birthday.

Q: Why do we put candles on top of a birthday cake?
A: Because it’s too hard to put them on the bottom

Q: What goes up and never comes down?
A: Your age!

Q: Why did friends hide from Sue on her birthday?
A: They wanted her to be Sue-prised.

Q: What did the young elephant want for it’s birthday?
A: A trunkful of toys.

Q: Why did the boy put the birthday cake in the freezer?
A: Because he wanted to ice it.

Q: Why do we put candles on the top of birthday cakes?
A: You can’t put them on the bottom.

Q: Why was the boy so hot on his birthday?
A: Because people kept toasting him.

Q: Why did the birthday cake want to go to the nurses office?
A: He was feeling crumby.

Q: What looks like half a birthday cake?
A: The other half.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Gus who?
Gus who’s birthday it is today?!

Q: What do George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have in common?
A: They were both born on a holiday.

Q: What do get every birthday?
A: Older!

Q: What did the Zen birthday cake say to the party guests?
A: Peace to you.

Birthday Riddle: Which type of birthday candle burns longer, a red candle or a blue one?
A: Neither, they both only burn shorter.

Q: What song did they sing to the dancer on her birthday?
A: Tappy birthday to you, tappy birthday to you…

Q: What did the hermit crab do on his birthday?
A: He shellabrated.

Q: When is a golf ball like a birthday cake?
A: When it’s being sliced.

Q: Why did the birthday cake go to see the doctor?
A: Because it was feeling crumby.

Q: What has a long tail, wings and wears a colorful bow?
A: A birthday pheasant.

Q: Why did the boy stand on his head at the birthday party?
A: He thought they were having upside-down cake

Q: What has wings, a plume, and wears a bow?
A: A birthday pheasant.

Q: Why did the boy get soap for his birthday?
A: It was a soaprize party!

Q: Which birthday party game do rabbits like most?
A: Musical hares.

Q: What kind of birthday cake do they serve in heaven?
A: Angel food cake.

Q: What do you sing to cows on their birthdays?
A: Happy birthday to moo…

Q: Why was the birthday cake so hard?
A: It was a marble cake.

Q: What did the cat ask to eat on her birthday?
A: Cake with MICE cream

Q: Why couldn’t cavemen send birthday cards?
A: The stamps kept falling off the rocks

Q: Why did the boy wear a tuxedo on his birthday?
A: So he would have great presence.

Q: When is a birthday cake like a golf ball?
A: When it’s sliced.

Q: Did you hear about the pine tree’s birthday?
A: It was really sappy.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Mark who?
Mark your calendar, because my birthday’s coming!

Q: Which side of a birthday cake is never eaten?
A: The left side…

Q: What do clams do on their birthday?
A: They shellabrate!

Q: What happens when no one shows up to your birthday party?
A: You CAN have your cake and eat it too.

Q: What kind of kittens cake do cats like for their birthdays?
A: Mice cream cake.

Q: Why did the boy put candles on the toilet?
A: He wanted to have a birthday potty.

Q: Why are birthday’s good for you?
A: People who have the most live the longest

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Sue who?
Sue-prize!! Happy birthday!

Q: Why did Sue’s friends hide from her on her birthday?
A: So whe would be sue-prised.

Q: What kind of birthday cake do elves always ask for?
A: Shortcake.

1. Anyone who has turned 30 knows that it is only the beginning of this amazing thing called life. You will still have that youthfulness and fun, but you will also have the wisdom to get the job done. Happy Birthday!

2. Celebrate good times! At the age of 30, you can get down and flirty without the dirty!

3. Look on the bright side of turning 30- it’s not yet 40!

4. Although turning 30 is not a joke, it can still be a lot of laughs as you turn into a slowpoke!

5. Look at it this way-you have already went through three decades of your life with little strife. The best is yet to come.

6. Although you might be thirty, you will always be flirty!

7. You might think that turning 30 means your life will be cold now that you’re old. Cheer up, these are the best years ever, or so I’ve been told!

8. Here’s hoping that your 30th birthday is just as amazing as you are! I love you my dear friend, and hope that you will celebrate to no end!

9. Don’t look so sad, turning 30 isn’t that bad. Of course, I’m still 29, but I will soon have my time.

10. When turning 30, you might see a gray hair here and there, but when you look everywhere, you will see a love that is in the air. You are an amazing friend who I love to no end.

11. That small wrinkle on the face is in the right place as you celebrate the beginning of life’s race. Happy 30th Birthday!

12. By this time next year, you won’t think so much about turning 30 today. You will focus on how much closer you are to 40!

13. The years pass by way too fast, but I hope that this special birthday celebration will last!

14. Say goodbye to the 20s, they are in the past. This is a day that will be unlike the last. You are loved by all, large and small. Here’s to your big day as you celebrate this 30th birthday!

15. Alert! Someone I know is now 30! Her life must be over. No, wait, her life is just beginning. Happy Birthday to a sweet friend who is like none other.

16. 30 is close to 29, but you will never get your 20s back. Just kidding. I hope that this year will be the best year of your life yet as you deserve all that happiness can bring.

17. Since today’s your 30th birthday, I think I will take you to the movies to see if you are eligible for the senior citizen discount! If not, you’re just one step closer. Happy Birthday!

18. My wish for you today is that you never lose the ability to play. Though some might be willing to say, I can find no other way than to tell you that you are now 30.

19. is time next year, you won’t think so much about turning 30 today. You will focus on how much closer you are to 40!

20. My wish for you today is that you never lose the ability to play. Though some might be willing to say, I can find no other way than to tell you that you are now 30.

21. 40 It’s all a big joke until it happens to you.

22. The new and improved 40 year old- yeah right!

Confuscious says, “Old age is like underwear, it creeps up on you when you least expect it.”

24. Getting old sucks, but it sure beats the alternative.

I’m not 40, I’m 18 with 22 years experience!

26. Your new easy chair has more options than your car.

27. Your arms are almost too short to read the newspaper.

Turning 40 is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.

29. It was reported recently that at the age of 20, men say they have s**x at least 5 times a week. By the time they reach 40, they’re still telling the same lie.

30. My own mortality will be the death of me yet.

31. Mouth is in gear, brain is in neutral.

32. It’s easier to get older than it is to get wiser.

33. Don’t take life so seriously, it’s not permanent.

34. Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed. -Charles Schulz

35. The best years of a woman’s life are the ten years  between 39 and 40.

36. “You know what they say about your 40th birthday?” and in the follow up message send “Damn!”

37. Hot flashes? Don’t think of it as menopause. Think of it as regular short vacations in the tropics.

38. 50 years old: In Led Zeppelin terms, that’s halfway up the stairway to heaven.

39. Turning 50? Laughter is the gift that keeps you in the present.

40. For my 50th birthday, my husband and I spent a weekend in Rehoboth Beach. My first choice was 1978, but the time machine was booked. – Jean Sorensen

41. If you haven’t grown up by age 50, you don’t have to.

42. The best form of birth control for people over 50: nudity.

43. Fifty is a powerful age for women. You can set off sprinkler systems with your hot flashes.

44. By fifty, you’ve figured out that time is a great healer and a not-so-hot beautician.

45. At 50 years old, life seems shorter. No point in spending it trying to make yourself disappear by dieting.

46. Maybe it’s true that life begins at fifty. But everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out. – Phyllis Diller

47. Celebrating 50 is like throwing a party when your odometer reaches 150,000 miles. – Melanie White

48. You spend more time trimming your nose hair than head hair.

49. You realize with some irritation that your parents were right about nearly everything.

50. The street vendor says “Yes, Ma’am” instead of “You got it, Darlin.’”

51. 50 years old: You finally get your head together, and your body has other ideas.

52. At 21 you’re finally free to slam down the throttle and see how fast you can go. At 30 you realize, hey, this thing has a brake pedal too. By 40, that brake pedal is showing some serious wear. At 50, let’s face it, you need a brake job. – Greg Tamblyn

53. You’ve got four sizes of clothes in your closet, three of which will never be worn again by you.

54. Your high school yearbook is moldy enough to support a thriving colony of algae.

55. When you look in a full-length mirror, you can see your butt from the front.

56. You’re still hot, but only in flashes.

Two liars were talking together: First: “My father built 1550 miles of 101 freeway in west of US lonely in one night.” Second: “That is nothing but I’ve been born from my mother’s ass.” First: “It’s impossible. I do’nt believe you.” Second: “Shut up. I’ve believed your 1550 miles distance but why you don’t believe my only 4 inches length?”

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