Biology Funny Jokes

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Biology Funny Jokes

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Q: What was the biologist wearing on his first date with a hot chick?
A: Designer genes

Q: What do you call a microbiologist who has visited 30 different countries and speaks 6 languages?
A: A man of many cultures

Q: Why didn’t the dendrochronologist get married?
A: All he ever dated was trees!

Q: What is the fastest way to determine the s**x of a chromosome?
A: Pull down its genes

Q: What do you call the leader of a biology gang?
A: The Nucleus

Q: How did the English major define microtome on his biology exam?
A: An itsy bitsy book

Q: How does Juliet maintain a constant body temperature?
A: Romeostasis

Q: What did one cell say to his sister cell when she stepped in his toe?
A: Ouch, Mitosis!

Q: What did the conservative biologist say?
A: The only cleavage I want to see is at the cellular level.

Q: Did you hear about the recycling triplets?
A: Their names are Polly, Ethel, and Ian.

Q: What did Gregor Mendel say when he founded genetics?
A: Woopea!

Q. What does DNA stand for?
A. National Dyslexics Association

Q: What is a paramecium?
A: Two latin mice

Q: What did the male stamen say to the female pistil?
A: I like your “style.”

Q: Why are men s**xier than women?
A: You can’t spell s**xy without ‘xy’

Q: What do Biologists wear on their heads when playing Football?
A: Helminths

Q: Why couldn’t the plants escape prison?
A: Their cells were surrounded by walls.

Q: What’s do DNA helicase and perverts have in common?
A: They both want to unzip your genes

Q: What do you call a place of worship made out of amino acids?
A: A cysteine chapel!

Q: How do you know your dehydrated?
A: You can hear your red blood cells crenating

Q: What did the femur say to the patella?
A: I kneed you

Q: What washes up on beaches?
A: Nucleotides

Q: Where does a hippopotamus go to university?
A: Hippocampus

Q: What is the most reproductive area in South America?
A: Spermatagonia

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