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Life is like cricket. We have to play well start to the end. If we serious or sad, our life become more complicated.

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Very Funny Jokes, Shayari

Funny jokes make us happy and funny and avoid our stress and depression in difficult situations. Always create joke with family and friends in somewhere in spare time. Joke is important for fun.

Presence of joke creates a happy environment. Joke is a part of regular life. Without jokes and fun life is boring. Some time jokes are important in normal life. Sometime we create new ideas and plan with jokes. Joke makes us happy and happiness face is more beautiful than sad face and mind.

In present time on tv channel presents some comedy serials and episodes. In our childhood famous comedy show is Charlie Chaplin or mister bin. Everyone knows about their joke. Basically joke is not harmful.

Shayari- shayari is Urdu poetry word. Shayari is combination of words. Shayari is one word for explain feelings and emotions in different meanings. Many types of shayari are there.

  1. love shayari,
  2. sad shayari,
  3. jokes shayari,
  4. Breakup shayari,

It is a like short poem. Uses of shayari in show, programs, occasions, parties, dramas, events, social and tv media show, movies etc.

  1. Love shayari describe meaning of loves.
  2. Sad shayari describe feeling of pain.

An importance of shayari in life is necessary sometimes. Shayari is a Urdu word. Shayari is bond of beautiful words.

Shayari is complete by own words and lines. It is a simple language of words. A language of shayari is short and smooth. Everyone cant understand shayari.

Sad is feeling of pain and loneliness. In sad situation people can’t understand what to do. It is poor time for some in their life.

A person may sad in life to many reasons like breakup with someone specially, but many others reasons help to get this condition for example.

Reasons for Breakup in Love

  • Family reasons,
  • Professional reasons,
  • Boyfriends reasons,
  • Girlfriend reasons and
  • Personal reasons.

A people may sad when he/she can’t share their pain with anyone. Or completely alone nowadays sadness is result of stress and depression. Sad faces are not good, but. My suggestion is to keep smile on your mouth.

Love is very special feeling of happiness and attractions and beautiful emotions. Every person needs love. Love gives dare and care. Love makes strong us. No one can live without love. Love is crate a wonderful environment.

Love is a feeling of emotion; no one can describe the exact meaning of love and definition of love. In simple words we can say without love nothing is possible and everything impossible in absence of love. Love supports us.

And give good character, behavior. A good behavior presents love. Love gives us respect and happiness. Love is happiest emotion in the whole world. Everybody needs love.

We are get love from mother and father and family members. Love removes sadness. And give a beautiful or hopeful face. Love make kindly. The love presence everywhere in various type. It’s different meanings for everyone. The Love gives trust and faith. Love is expensive in this time, but important for every person.

After ending stage of love is Breakup. Often referred to simply as a breakup, is the termination of a friendship. Breakup is meaning of broken person and broken heart. Someone cry and depressed and sad and cruel after their breakup. Breakup is punishment of true and honest love.

Someone cheat with their friend and he/she can’t handle this condition and do breakup. Breakup is painful. It is effects on mind, emotions, and feelings. Breakup is poor feeling for someone. Someone need a true friend in that time for avoid breakup.

Sometime breakup by misunderstandings and negative or opposite mind. But sometimes anyone need breakup in their life if he/she don’t feel comfortable. And someone can’t care or protect him/her. After breakup a broken person need motivation for handle this bad situation.

Breakup is not end of life; it is end of feeling of love with someone. Breakup is not compulsory in somebody life. And time heals the pain of breakup. For healing this pain need courage and positivity.

Some text can make our life happy. So we collect laughing material for your life.

As per this topic sounds very funny it means if a person is laughing at US on our words at that time it is complimented very funny.

For example if someone job and jokes very funny at that time there Friends a Very funny! What a joke.

To make someone laugh is not easy it is the hardest part to make someone laugh by our words are sound, reaction we need a sharp mind and another type of humour because sometimes to make others laugh we have to be like a Joker somewhere people also make fun of our personality but we shouldn’t care about that because to make others happy is and very different skill which everyone do not have.

Having fun or to make other funny is a very important thing in someone’s life. Some people just have fun whereas some other likes and love to make others happy, to make others funny by doing another type of things is a Passion of some people.

The make people funny by many ways but some of are:

  • 1. By making another type of faces.
  • 2. By giving stupid reactions.
  • 3. By dancing with foolishness.
  • 4. By Singh and different type of voices.
  • 5. by telling jokes.

The person whose passion is to make other funny love when someone says oh very funny!

We all knows Joker that what they do. They do thankful of stupid nice and foolishness and make other funny.

This is there what to do to make other funny as much as they can they do what comes into their mind and they think people got fun. it is really not an easy task it is too complicated they really need a different type of skills  to make others happy.

In this there are no rules and regulation they can do whatever they want.

The person should not think that what others will say about them because in society if some are bad so many are good also if they give one bad comment so many give well also. So you should do whatever you want or whatever you like.

If sometimes we look at ourselves we realise that in our busy and complicated life some where we have lost fun in today’s time all goes to their work comes eat sleep and repeat at that time we realise that because of our this schedule we had lost a real fun.

In earlier time after coming from work all family members sit together talking to each other have fun make other funny e take dinner together and then goes to sleep, where is in now a days all are busy in themselves only the not even have time to think about other in now days all are busy and if they have time they waste it on using mobile phones social networking sites for friends family membership together and joke but in now days everyone share jokes on mobile phones easily.

Mobile phones have a lot of advantages but have disadvantages also because of it a real link between persons has lost if family members are sitting together also they all are lost in their phones they don’t even know who are sitting with them or etc.

Because of this a love between families their connection had become weak as we all know this should not be like that all should make some time for their family, friends and then they have a real fun.

Now a day’s people just want to be happy, it doesn’t matter what others are where as in earlier time people make others happy first.

Many of the people nowadays are unhappy no matter how rich they are because as we all know that no one can purchase happiness by money I think that money is just meaningless because the most precious thing in life is happiness which are with our family and friends. So family and friends are more precious than money.

You should make people happy in the time they felt alone and sad you should make them fun.

Not by making jokes you make others happy but by also being with them in their harder time to make them happy.

Very funny it is is one of the complement which is given by other if they feel funny and laughing at things which we are doing some people take it as positive and some as negative also it depends upon the person that how we take it.

Some people like it when someone compliments their words by saying oh very funny but some dislike it by thinking that others are making fun of them.

Very Funny, jokes, shayari

I think that make other funny is very good and really not an easy task.